Upcoming Audition Information


Auditions for Matilda Jr.
To be performed in October 2022 at Ravinia’s Bennett Gordon Hall

  • 6th through 12th Graders only

  • There is a $700 fee to participate in the production. Fee is non-refundable.

  • Students must be fully vaccinated to participate in this production. 


Audition Information

Auditions will be held on April 2nd & 9th

2:30-4:30 pm

Highwood Rec Center

432 Green Bay Rd. Highwood, IL.

Callback Information
If we need to see you for a callback you will be asked to come back from 4:30-5:30 on the day of your audition

Please sign up for a 10 minute slot, there are 2 people for each time slot. PLEASE ONLY SIGN UP FOR ONE.  

Show information

  • A formal schedule will be sent out once we get closer to rehearsals beginning

  • Rehearsals will be August through the beginning of October, 2022 

  • Some Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays 6:15-9 pm; TBD

  • Some Saturdays 2-5 pm

  • Tech is on Friday October 14th the time is TBD

  • Shows are on October 15th & 16th showtimes are TBD

What to Prepare:

Prepare the song and scene specific for the character that you are interested in auditioning for. You may or may not be asked to read. There will be an accompanist. No acapella singing. Please bring a picture and resume to the audition (It does NOT need to be a professional picture) with all your contact information including: age, grade entering in Fall of 2022.

Materials may be downloaded here:


  • Matilda  
    Songs: “Naughty” pages 13-15, measure 21 to the end AND “Quiet” pg.88-89, measure 25-end.  
    Scene: pages 91-93 OR the scene on pages 60-63

  • Miss Honey
    Song: “This Little Girl” pages 48-49, measure 18 - the end.  
    Scene: pages 91-93

  • Trunchbull
    Song: “The Hammer” pages 31-33, the beginning to measure 40 OR “The Smell of Rebellion“ pages 78-81, measures12-40.  

    Scene: pages 30 & 31

  • Bruce 
    “Revolting Children “ pages 99-100, measures 10-27, pages 97-98, measures 1-9.  
    Scene:  pages 51-53

  • Mrs. Phelps 
    Song: “Naughty” pages 13-15, measure 21 to the end OR “Revolting Children “ pages 99-100, measures10-27.
    cene: pages 60-63

  • Kids, Acrobat, or Escapologist 
    Song: “Naughty” pages 13-15, measure 21 to the end OR “Revolting Children “ pages 99-100, measures 10-27. 

    Scene: pages 17 & 18