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Filmmaking for Social Change
is back this Spring 2022! 
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5 Week Class/2 Day Film Shoot $725

Kids Matter: Looking Into Labels

Adria Dawn is excited to be back to help create the eighth movie in Revealing Media Group’s award-winning educational film series, Kids Matter.


Join Adria on this five-week creative journey. In the first four weeks of class, students will help brainstorm storylines, improv potential dialogue, and learn about what goes on behind the camera. Additionally, students will write their own monologue to audition for a role in the film they are making, that’s collectively cast by the students and teacher. In the fifth class, your child will be part of a two-day professional film shoot.


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This year’s topic is: 


Looking Into Labels 


Understanding what your sexual preferences are and being able to communicate to others what that is, is a sensitive topic contemporary kids face today. With society's evolvement of expanding labels and pronouns, this class will explore what it means to each of the students to be queer, pansexual, heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and more. This class is for any child- straight, gay, those who aren't sure yet, and for those who have always known, etc. It's all-inclusive for he's, she's, they's, and whatever pronouns make you feel whole. Collectively the students will examine the pros and cons of labels, and how to embrace the unique qualities that make every individual amazing. 


The cost of the class will be $725. There will be a 10% discount for Ensemble students.


Class Dates: 

Week One: Saturday, April 30th, 9 am to Noon, Rec Center 


Week Two: Saturday, May 7th, 9 am to Noon, Rec Center 


Week Three: Saturday, May 14th, 9 am to Noon, Rec Center 


Week Four: Saturday, May 21st, 9 am to Noon, Rec Center 


Week Five: Shoot Dates are Saturday, May 28thand Sunday, May 29th, Location: TBD


We will also have a friends and family screening at the rec center. Date: TBD


*Students must be available for the entire duration of the film shoot. Each shoot day starts at 9 am with a finish around 7 pm. 


*Students must be fully vaccinated and non-union. 


*For the safety of all, everyone will be required to get a covid test two days before the shoot.


Adria Dawn Bio


As a filmmaker, Adria is the co-founder of Tarleton/Dawn Productions. She has written and produced over 20 films, multiple live theatre shows, and a comedy web series. Adria is also the co-founder of Revealing Media Group, which makes films for social change with young people. Through this, Adria co-creates the award-winning film series, Kids Matter. Unsafe, the seventh film in the series, recently won “Best Ensemble” cast as well “Best Short Film” with the New York Socially Relevant Film Festival.

Adria recently premiered the film Gray Area, which she wrote, produced, and directed with her husband David Tarleton this year. Gray Area focuses on Mom wine culture and challenges the viewer to reexamine what an alcoholic can look like.

As an actor, Adria recently wrapped working on the Chicago-made horror film Super Host. She also starred in the award-winning Black Lives Matter film Karen, which she also served as producer and writer for. Other notable recent acting credits include playing an early-onset Alzheimer’s patient on Chicago Med. 

She is most known for playing the dysfunctional outcast April Tuna on Ryan Murphy's high school cult hit comedy Popular (18 episodes and received a nomination for “Gutsiest Woman on Television” from Jane Magazine.


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