This four-week course offers performers a chance to create an original on-camera piece of their own making.


For 6th graders and up. 


This class will focus on what the pandemic has meant to your child. Many kids have been at home, or online, or a combination of both and a lot of their independence and sense of normalcy has changed. This class offers your child a chance to express how they’ve felt during these times, how the pandemic has potentially changed their perspectives on things and how they feel currently. 


While Zoom classes have exploded, this class’ focus will shift to letting the child lead themselves on what they want to make, with the teacher supporting and helping their vision come to life. 


Over four weeks, your child will create their own content, learn basic filmmaking and editing skills, and perform a unique piece of their own making, culminating in a Zoom screening. 


Your child’s piece could include: 

An Original Piece of Music

An Original Poem 

An Original Monologue 

An Original Dance 

A Non-Verbal Piece


Your child could create: 

A music video

A monologue 

A dance piece

A mini short film 


*Every child must have a phone with a camera in it, or an iPad, or access to one. 


All classes are held 10am to 1pm, via zoom. Due to the structure of the class, students need to be present each week. 

Coming Out of Quarantimes: A Journey of Self Reflection and Expression

  • Week 1: Saturday May 1st, 2021

    • Choosing content 
    • Brainstorming Ideas
    • Improv, Ideation
    • Story Structure
    • Share student examples, impactful storytelling
    • Filmmaking 101
    • Framing, shots, editing, sound, lighting 

    Week 2: Saturday May 8th, 2021

    • Talk Over Outline of Story Concept 
    • Rehearse Rough Draft of Material with Feedback 
    • Shooting Schedule, what will you need, etc.

    *Between weeks two and weeks three, students will shoot their own pieces, putting together a rough cut of what they’ve made. Each child’s shoot should be done in a day or two.

     Week 3:Saturday May 15th, 2021

    • Rough Cuts of Footage Due- Feedback from class and teacher 

    Week 4: Saturday May 22nd, 2021

    •  Final Films Due, Zoom Screening for Friends and Family 


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