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Ensemble Information

The Ensemble

The Ensemble is a highly competitive audition-only group, developed in 2015 by Stacey Flaster and Liz Fauntleroy, mostly because they felt that middle-school aged kids 6th-8th grade, needed a place to perform high-level and quality musical theater productions. Using the experience that Stacey and Liz have gained from their professional backgrounds in musical theater around Chicago and beyond, they now share their collective knowledge and skills with the kids to create spectacular productions with top-notch production values. These high-level shows include great sound, live orchestras, fully realized and designed costumes, gorgeous sets and props and superb lighting. Rehearsals are weekly, Thursdays from 6 to 9 PM and Sundays from 12 to 5. In addition to rehearsing for the show, Stacey and Liz also invite between four and five guest artists and agents per year to work with the kids on different areas of the arts, such as dance, improv, on-camera acting, stage combat and many other areas. Included in the ensemble fee, the students will attend two professional musicals. There is one show per semester, one in December and one in May at The Skokie Theatre.

  • Everybody must re-audition each year, so that they can re-engage and show their growth and commitment; and also because each year we lose our eighth graders because they age out of The Ensemble and a new groups is formed.
  • Auditions for The Ensemble are typically in May or June for the coming school year.
  • We do not announce the December show until August at our welcoming pizza party, because we choose the show after we cast the group.
  • We announce the May show on the closing night of the December show.
  • We hire professional choreographers to choreograph our shows
  • We have a live Accompanist at all of our rehearsals.
  • Every child is given 2 comps per semester for the show
  • Included in your tuition are two T-shirts, one for each production
  • We do not recommend auditioning a cappella. We hire a live Accompanist for our auditions, please bring sheet music in your key, properly mark it, and put it in a binder.
  • Please bring a picture and resume to your audition. Please make sure there is contact info on it. The picture does not have to be professionally done. A picture is typically 8 x 10, but again, it does not have to be 8 x 10.
Minimum 4 characters