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Past Films

Kids Matter: Inside the Minds of Tweens and Teens is a short film series dealing with important topics that middle school and high school students currently face today. We explore contemporary socially relevant issues such as bullying, mental health, school violence, and peer pressure in order to spark discussion inside and outside of the classroom.

If you would like to view one or more of the films, please contact us at RevealingMedia@gmail.com.

A young filmmaker searches for answers in the aftermath of a school shooting.
When a girl’s older brother throws an underage party, she will do anything to be included.
Help explores the effects of depression on a boy as his life spirals downwards. Bullied and excluded by his peers, with his family falling apart, he must find help.
Overwhelmed with pressures from his parents and peers to succeed in sports, school and activities, a boy struggles to keep it all together.
Viral is a short fiction film that tells the story of a girl who will do anything to be more popular, especially in school and on social media. When she maneuvers her way into a new social group, she discovers it comes at quite a cost.
A middle school girl finds herself excluded by her popular friends because she befriends someone not in her clique.
A boy faces the difficult decision whether to keep watching bullying, or to become a vehicle for change.
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