Jun 2 & 3

Instructor: Adria Dawn

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With the success of previous class films including “Bystander” (anti-bullying), “Excluded” (social exclusion), “Viral” (peer pressure and social media), “Pressure” (overscheduling and pressure), and “Help” (depression), Adria Dawn will be back to collaborate with students to make a new short film that centers around a current topic facing our youth today.

Together the class will learn the process of filmmaking and on-camera film acting through the creation of a film, including writing, pre-production, casting, production, acting and a final screening. Previous films have played film festivals in New York City and Hollywood. These films are used in classrooms across the country to spark needed conversations with kids today.

To view these films please visit: RevealingMediaGroup.com

Spring 2018

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Filmmaking for Social Change

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